You’re Doing it Wrong: How to Get the Most Out of Your Food



If you want to absorb the cancer-fighting chemicals in tomatoes, you need to eat them grilled or roasted. Actually, even tomato sauce is better in this regard than raw tomatoes (if you find one with a low sugar content).

Flax Seeds

Stop eating them whole! The rumors are true and flax seeds are great for your health, containing everyting from vitamins to cancer-fighting chemicals. But if you eat them whole (spoonfuls on top of your cereal, for example) then your body may not be able to digest them at all. Grind them first!


Don’t boil or grill vegetables! The enzyme myrosinase is necessary to release the sulforaphane compound that helps to fight cancer. But most cooking methods are too intense and destroy the enzyme. Steaming is gentler.

Red Wine

Contrary to what the connoisseurs will have you believe, letting a bottle of red wine “breathe” for an hour or more before consuming it is not, in fact, better. It might taste better, but in terms of your health, you’re doing yourself a disservice. After a while the organic acids and polyphenols that are associated with all of red wine’s many health benefits, begin to break down.


Don’t cut them! Many of the nutrients, like vitamin C, are sensitive to oxygen and also light. So chopping them up for a fruit salad or blending them in a smoothie might limit their benefits.


When you’ve left yogurt in the fridge for a bit and you open it to find a layer of watery liquid on the top, do you pour that liquid down the sink? Well, you shouldn’t, because it’s really good for you! It contains protein and vitamin B12.

Frozen Vegetables

Don’t avoid it! U.K. scientists have discovered that in 2 out of 3 cases, frozen vegetables actually have higher levels of antioxidants and vitamin C than fresh vegetables.

Black Tea

Don’t add milk. Contrary to popular assumption, the antioxidant properties aren’t cancelled out with the addition of dairy products, but all the cardiovascular benefits are.


Chop it and let it sit for a while. Unlike red wine and strawberries, garlic actually benefits from being left to sit in the air. The allicin enzyme will be absorbed better into the body if you dice your garlic and let it sit for at least ten minutes.