The Survival Tabs – A product that is self describes as emergency survival food – Testimonial from Crickett Green

The Survival Tabs. A product that is self describes as emergency survival food. What is it, well it is a large hard candy sized pellet. it is a concentrated totally nutritional product that has been designed to provide all the nutrients needed to survive off of just eating a tab an hour for 12 hours a day and drinking water. What do they taste like.

Well the sample I got is butterscotch. To me it taste like eating a butterscotch shake. What does it do for me. Well in my test I use them as supplement food to help get rid of cravings between meals, and boost my energy and stamina while walking long distances and when I just do not have time to grab a bite. I decided to carefully test these before endorsing because I am well aware of dietary restrictions of a lot of people and so I was concerned that there would be something hidden in them that might react with perhaps Cumadin/Warfrin for those restricted in their vitamin K intake. I have my blood tested every two weeks because I am on a dangerous medication and the lab test came back perfectly normal with “The Survival Tabs” I have even eaten one just before the lab work.

Now that I have about a month of testing, what do I think? Well to be quite honest. I plan on storing a bedroom full of these so the next disaster that pops up I will be able to hand out a 15 day supply of nutrition in a container about the size of a canteen to each person, now that is compacr survival, and it weighs something like 2 pounds or so. Try that with 15 days of freeze dried rations. Which by the way brings me to over thinking the hole scenario, but if you take the tabs out of the container in a disaster and place them in the plastic bag that I had come with the container, you could then use the container as what looks like about a 1 quart water canteen. Cool I bet they already though about that. That means you need to find a water source where you can drink at least two containers worth a day of water to help you survive.

I have been carrying a zip lock baggie of The Survival Tabs with me when I go hiking, or just for a long day of shopping. When I find I have run out of time to grab a bite to eat, I pop a tab in my mouth and get to work. I think these should be in the glove compartment of every car, in the cupboards of every home, and you should get a case of these and stick them under the bed in case of a disaster that keeps you from being to prepare meals any other way.

For our rescue teams,we have just found the most Compact, Nutritious survival food available. I have just one warning; They taste great and you might want to munch on them a lot. I hear the firefighters in Alaska use these, and we are planning a large rescue in the south pacific and space on board ship is critical, this is going to save us so much room and we will be able to feed more people for longer with the same amount of space and feel good about what we are giving them.

Visit The Survival Tabs on the web at Two thumbs and a fork up!

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