Survival Tabs. My Experience. My Review.


Survival Tabs. My Experience. My Review.

Survival, just what is survival to you? A bad snow, ice storm, hurricane, tornado, flood? What about sitting in a tree stand waiting for that buck you scouted, deep in the woods till dark and getting turned around in what you think is the way out. It happens. I showed up one morning for a search and before we got started the guy had been found near dead with a broken leg and frost bitten. The helicopter was waiting. A lifelong, experienced hunter.

What about living in the country, a sunny warm day, an hour or two from bread and no way to get to that bread! Add to that a chronic medical condition. Not an emergent condition that an ambulance or hospital could help but a condition doctors offer little or no help just something you have to live with. What about living in a city with another 911!

In my mind survival’s two things; just trying to live as close to the way you do on a normal day in trying conditions, you just can’t get to that bread whether at the corner store because the store is gone or just closed. Or that bread is two hours away and you can’t get to it for whatever reason. And two, trying to live in the worse conditions you can imagine, your world has gone to hell! And still try to live as normal as possible.

I have lived with the former situation more than once. I live in a place where there is no police department, oh the state police are an hour away on a good day but for my situation they are no help neither would an ambulance or a hospital be of any help. Life is what you make of it in every way and every day.

I’ve listened to the Shooting Bench for about a year and a half and caught up on all the back issues I could. Here’s this guy (Cope) talking about many of the issues I find important and he talks about things I’ve been doing for years! Guys I worked with for years always wondered why I carried a back-pack into work every day and my wife had one in her car every where she went. When ever I left work or home my pack went with me. It was my survival pack. I’ve carried it for more than fifteen years. And prior to that I always had extra stuff in my truck.

Now, I worked an hour and a half from home for 22 years, now I work from home. But my wife still works an hour and a half from home. I could survive a broken down truck on the highway, in twenty degrees. I could survive a few days in the woods but with my pack I would be able to find my way out. My family has had to survive two weeks at home with no utilities due to natural disaster, in the winter, in deep, deep snow!

My pack today is a little different and it’s a direct result of listening to The Shooting Bench. A little more water and a bunch of Survival Tabs. I’ve had my test with Survival Tabs. For the past seven years I’ve had a medical condition that sometimes robs me of my ability to eat. I’ve gone as long as five plus days without food. Even though I hydrate myself well it takes ten or more days to feel somewhat normal again, so you’re talking nearly a month, maybe five or so times a year.

During this time I can’t just lay around waiting for it to pass, I have responsibilities. I have to get up and work and if we happen to loose power for a few days in the winter I have to keep the generator running, the well pumping, the fires in the stove and fireplace going all the while it’s a big chore just getting out of bed after days with no food. No food, no energy.

Survival Tabs to the rescue (a little levity). Hearing how these tabs have helped Cope and his family I figured I’d give it a try. Well my condition kicked in and I immediately started the tabs. I made it through those bad days, my stomach growled a bit now and than but I did have similar energy. After those days passed I wanted real food in my stomach but I thought what better time to give these things a real test.

I went eleven days on just the “tabs” and water. I don’t drink soft-drinks or any similar liquids I just drink water every day from the spring in my yard (well water) so that wasn’t a sacrifice. I came through the eleven days fairly good. I didn’t gain or loose weight. I did want to eat at that point though.

In a real world situation for myself and family I have plenty of food in the house, venison in the freezer and deer, pheasant, rabbits and squirrels in my back field all year long. And there ain’t no seasons in a natural disaster. If I had been stuck somewhere with just my pack I would make it there too. Even if it were ten degrees, I’m ready. I always have the ‘tabs” to back me up.

I know, I know your situation isn’t like mine or Cope’s. But you can not prepare for a disaster watching the evening news or weather report. You aren’t prepared because you have a cell phone or because your car is new, you rotated the tires and changed the oil. New cars break down every day, cell phone batteries discharge because you were busy and than they die just when you need them and it’s way too late to prepare because everyone’s either buying or bought all the plywood, bread and water.

A disaster can happen in less than minutes, look at 911. Whether natural, governmental, an attack by a foreign faction or something of your own doing. You’re a single person but there is someone out there that cares about you and you can’t get to them you have to survive, for you, for them. You’re married, you are one place your spouse is somewhere else. You both have to survive, have a plan, be prepared. You both may get home, you may not… you both still have to survive. Add kids spread around the county at school… Do you have a plan?

You’re level of preparedness is up to you! I want my life to be as close to normal as possible. It’s not going to be as close as I’d like it, I’ll miss the game on Sunday (I do have a battery TV though, color! With DVD). But it’s work to survive and it’s up to YOU just how hard that work will be. Will you be able to cook a good meal on a fire or camp stove, sit with your wife or family and be able to laugh with them playing a game of cards or watching a half hour on a 9″ battery TV or just to love them and know they are safe.

Or will you be stealing that neighbors cat to eat, will you be trying to beg borrow or steal my family’s food, If you do try and steal my food you’ll meet the working end of a few firearms with no hesitation to pull the trigger. You steal my family’s food, you steal my family’s life.

Survival tabs work, I know first hand. For less than a hundred bucks a family of three can survive for fifteen days with just a little water every day. You can’t beat that. I would venture to guess if you asked a New Orleanian if that were worth a hundred bucks you’d get a resounding yes.

America has a short but proud history. We’ve lost many of the brightest, strongest and bravest blood-lines fighting all the wars in our short history. We have saved the world or helped to save the world many times over. For the most part America has always been a prepared nation, until we got fat and happy in the 1950’s and 60’s. 911 should have been a big wake up call for all. Evan you west coasters. When will California have it’s next 8,000 deaths from a big earthquake and fire.

I’ve been wanting to put these thoughts down for those who care to read for some time. It’s a bit long and wordy for a post. I can’t help that, I care about my country and my people. Will you be ready for the next 911? I will! Unless it’s a direct hit. If it’s a direct hit there will be a power greater than all to take care of me.


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