Survival Food Supply Wilderness Survivalism Self Reliance

Survival Food Supply Wilderness Survivalism Self Reliance

The Survival Tabs were developed more than 30 years ago for the space program because there is zero gravity in space American scientists theorized that astronauts would have difficulty digesting their food while in orbit it's because of this that they began searching for a food product solution that would ensure they got the daily nutrition they needed to carry out their missions at a high level including keeping up their dexterity stamina and coordination.

Survival Tabs were the solution to this problem and since then they've been embraced by adventurers, athletes, rescue professionals and everyday regular folks around the world.

Cut to the present day when the quality of our food continues to drop precipitously the fact is the quality of the food we eat is much more important than the quantity of the theoretical calorie content that any particular food item contains.

The human body normally utilizes only thirty to forty percent of those calories meaning that sixty percent of all the food that a normal person eats is unused unfortunately much of that unused food accumulates in the gastrointestinal tract over many years.

Causing such residual effects as lack of energy constant sleeplessness and a lack of vitality one of the main reasons for these problems is that when there are residual foods caught in the intestinal tract the body must send more blood to the digestive system in order to try and digest this unused food.

Meaning that it uses much more energy to do this than it normally would with The Survival Tabs the opposite happens

The Survival Tabs are digested very quickly and almost one hundred percent of their content is absorbed by the body in fact within five minutes of eating The Survival Tabs ninety-seven percent of its protein is absorbed available and ready to repair and or replace essential body tissues and fluids.

Because of this people who use The Survival Tabs instantly get a boost of energy as well as a boost in mental clarity Survival Tabs the highest amount of nutrition in the smallest possible package.

What The Survival Tabs give you is the most nutrition physically possible in the smallest package possible the survival tabs provide the human body with one hundred percent us RDA of fifteen vitamins and minerals that it needs to function in a high capacity.

The Survival Tabs can be used as a complete meal replacement and in times of natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes and floods are a life-sustaining source of Hyla touch a single bottle of The Survival Tabs has 180 chewable tabs that will supply a single person with 15 days worth of easily digestible high nutrition high-energy food.

This is based on the recommended consumption of 12 tabs per day but under extreme emergency conditions this 15-day supply can be stretched to double that amount of time 30 days.

The Survival Tabs come in for adventurous flavors including strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch.

Amazingly The Survival Tabs have an unopened shelf life of 25 years that means you can purchase them today and when an emergency situation strikes they will be fresh and ready to help you meet the challenges of any emergency situation.

Many professional rescue teams around the world keep The Survival Tabs on hand and ready at all times including Alaskan rescue teams fire departments, outdoorsmen, military personnel, pilots and yachtsman,

These are men and women who put their lives on the line every day and rely on The Survival Tabs to provide the energy and nutrition they need in order to get the job done.

Around the world in many extreme weather conditions a bottle of The Survival Tabs is always taken along on search and rescue missions.


Explorers around the globe use The Survival Tabs to meet the challenges that they face on their adventures from below zero conditions at the top of Mount Everest to the blazing heat of the Sahara Desert

They rely on The Survival Tabs to sustain their energy and stamina even in the Son Doong the wildest cave in the planet.

The Survival Tabs can be found being used by explorers people who travel around the world to countries where food and water quality are below normal also rely on The Survival Tabs to prevent gastrointestinal distress supplement their nutrition and boost their energy when traveling poses the risk of gastrointestinal problems from eating local foods and drinking local water.

They rely on The Survival Tabs to get them through.

The Survival Tabs are suitable for many different emergency situations and can be used by children and adults alike.

In fact for children, elderly people who have lost their appetite or someone who is sick and can't keep down their regular food The Survival Tabs is an excellent source of nutrition that they can use to maintain their energy and vitality

For seniors The Survival Tabs can be used to improve malnutrition and help them deliver better healthier and more energetic life.

This college and university students rely on The Survival Tabs to maintain their energy and stay alert during long study sessions and also to help them maintain their hectic class schedules at school.

In fact there are countless people who rely on the nutrition great taste and energy boost that Survival Tabs offer including salespeople, office workers, truck drivers, professional athletes, secretaries, businessmen and businesswomen and many others.

The Survival Tabs can also be used by overweight and obese people in order to lose weight because there are only 20 calories per tab they are an excellent safe and efficient dietary supplement for someone who wishes to lose weight without the usual energy slump or feelings of sluggishness and fatigue.

The fact is The Survival Tabs are the perfect choice not only for emergencies and disasters but also simply as an excellent energy boost and a healthy nutritional supplement.

The Survival Tabs are not only gluten-free and non-gmo, they are densely packed with nutrition low in calories ultra lightweight and the perfect emergency food for every family survival kit.

In short The Survival Tabs are the perfect nutrition ‘just in case’.


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