What's up everybody it's the Army's history and today I'm gonna be showing you these Survival Tabs.

These are delicious meal replacements these are what you would replace a meal with.

I will show you what these look like.

This is what The Survival Tabs look like, these are little tablets that would replace your meal.

This is gluten-free, non-gmo.

This is actually its 40th anniversary it says it right there this isn't right it says it right there 40th anniversary and this is I believe vanilla.

I believe this is vanilla, yes it’s vanilla.

What this actually has, it has in calories is 240 I believe in the whole bag.

Um, daily value this would have 12 grams of total fat.

Search fat it would have 3 grams and cholesterol it has 3 milligrams, sodium 140 milligrams, total carbohydrates 30 grams, dairy fiber 0 grams, sugar 12, protein 4 grams.

So you usually eat three of these if you really need to there's 12 in here.

Um let's see it's vitamin A, calcium, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, 100% of vitamin E, 100% folic acid, 100% vitamin b12, 100% iron, 100% zinc.

It actually says this packet is a twelve tablet meal to keep you alive and going for 24 hours at a time.

This can be stretched to 48 hours and extreme conditions The Survival Tabs were originally developed for the space program using high-quality proteins.

In fact with just 24 calories per serving providing all the vitamins and minerals required to maintain your body's physical function such as all the stuff I just listed for hiking, biking, camping or other outdoor activities.

They are also ideal in solutions such as being lost or stranded where sustenance food source are not available.

The Survival Tabs provide you with a food supply for survival needs, they have a shelf life of 25 years making them excellent for long-term storage.

Their compact and lightweight design makes them easy to carry around.

So this actually is probably you say you're hiking and you think you're hiking in a place you know and then two seconds later you fall down a hill and you don't know where you are.

You accidentally fell into a river, you slip you're out with your family and you slip and you're floating down the river.

You hit your head on a rock and you're unconscious and you all you have is what you have in your backpack and what's on you.

Your phone just got wet and died so what are you gonna do.

You're gonna start surviving on The Survival Tabs apparently this is only a 24 hour twelve tablets so let's see there's three meals in a day so that would be three tablets and then you probably eat I don't know maybe two per meal before meals so I don't know maybe one or two before you actually have the meals but these are great I really recommend these.

These are actually new ones, um I love them I actually tried them before and I think they're actually really good.

You guys, you just have to go and try this for yourself.

This is the Survival Tabs, it's the vanilla one.

Its 40th anniversary, non-gmo and it's great for if you get stranded and I think this would be a great way to survive in the wild.

You guys I know this really isn't related to any Army stuff but it kinda is in the same way.


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