NASA satellite captures ‘Earth-sized’ UFO emerging out of the sun: Alien craft?


An amateur astronomer, watching a live feed from NASA’s sun-monitoring satellite, captured what he believes to be an enormous, Earth-sized UFO emerging from our solar system’s yellow dwarf star. The stargazer was watching feeds from the Helioviewer – a solar data browser funded by NASA.

Armchair astronomer Scott Waring was watching the real-time broadcast on Oct. 25 when he saw the massive object rise from the Sun’s turbulent plasma surface. Waring was observing feed from NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or SOHO, and posted his observations to UFO Sightings Daily, writing:

I check out the SOHO photos every day, and was fortunate enough to catch this massive ship as it was exiting or entering the sun. This UFO is solid as you can see. It is as large as Earth itself. Look closely at the surface of it. There are no flames or heat changes. Its color does not change on its surface…unlike the sun itself which has many mixing colors. Russian scientists alerted the world over five years ago to the UFOs that flew around the sun in orbits that suddenly make hard right angles and changes in speed. This is one of them.

Apparently, Mr. Waring himself reported back in 2012 about the “dozens of UFOs” that were buzzing about the sun, again posting his proof-positive pics to UFO Sightings Daily and writing: “Honestly, do you expect aliens with millions of years of advance tech to build tiny ships that carry only a few people? Humans constantly make airline jets bigger and bigger to carry more at once. So do aliens.” He has a point – why would the aliens build a SmartCar version of a spacecraft when they have the technical savoir-faire to construct a Death Star?

The CSMonitor on Oct. 27 had a bit of a different take on the recent “sun UFO.” The site carried a video with a different angle on the so-called UFO, and dubbed the angular fin-shaped object a “sun shark.” Of course, diehard UFO enthusiasts will say the craft is a 27 million degree Fahrenheit heat-resistant, magnetic field-dampening futuristic ship full of advanced creatures that are siphoning off hydrogen and helium and using it to power their warp core. As reasonable as that all is, those that are more down-to-earth – literally – will just say it’s a sunspot. But where’s the fun in that?

As the Headline and Global News asks: “How could something withstand that heat and radiation? How did it not burn up and vaporize? If the UFO is a spacecraft, it appears to be as big as the planet Earth.” Indeed. Also of concern: How can I get some help to get my giant, UFO-spotting telescope out of the bedroom in mom’s basement?