August 25, 1988

Sydney, Australia

Dear Folks at The Survival Tabs,

During the first few weeks of the race, when we were all slower and spent most of each day just trying to complete the average race distances, space allowed us no time for lunch breaks. The Survival Tabs made up the majority of my diet. Taking one every half an hour kept my energy at ta competitive level during a time of incredible extremes.

Later, when my camel injured his food and shoulder, and I faced a grueling walk of 1,700 kilometers, the Survival Tabs were there once again to give me that needed push. During that time, the stress on my body was so severe and my nutritional requirements were so high – from the physical effort and sweating – that it is quite possible I might not have made it without the Survival Tabs.

The tabs played an important role especially during monotonous days over featureless desert horizons when eating was my only form of entertainment. They were like eating freeze-dried ice cream … only letter. A food supplement for body and soul!

Thanks again for an excellent product. I look forward to using them on my next great adventure.

Allen Deaver

“The American Camel Jockey”