California Earthquake Preparedness Long Term Food Emergency Food Storage Survival Tabs SHTF


Here in California earthquake preparedness is a serious concern my wife and I along with our three children have already been through a couple of earthquakes and I can tell you it is a pretty scary thing.

Yeah as we keep several cases of The Survival Tabs along with water and other supplies in a secure area of our basement so that if something happens we’re prepared to survive until rescue crews arrive.

The best thing about The Survival Tabs is that they don't need to be cooked so you know if the power is out or we need to shut off the gas we can still have a nutritious meal.

Yeah exactly being able to take care of our family during an emergency is one of our highest priorities and that means having nutritious food available.

Now The Survival Tabs provide one hundred percent of the U.S. RDA essential vitamins and minerals more importantly they really taste good and the kids can chew them just like normal food plus they have a 25 year shelf life so I know that when a large earthquake occurs we're prepared to take care of our family until help arrives.

Yeah so make sure you and your family are taken care of in case of an emergency with The Survival Tabs.


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