Best Meal Replacement


I don’t want to depend on something that is pure “hear-say” especially when we’re talking about something that needs to be ingested.  There are a lot of products available on the market that don’t come backed with a history or a proven track record of success. Survival Tabs were developed initially for the U.S. Space Program. Astronauts needed a nutrient rich meal replacement that will fit and can be carried with a long shelf life for them to perform optimally.  Now that’s a proven track record worth following.

The survival tabs make it easy to provide our body and mind with a steady stream of essential nutrients all day long to keep us optimally energized throughout the work day so that we can swim in productivity!

It’s all about the steady stream of nutrients..

“Nutrients will be delivered at a steady pace when you ingest 1 or 2 tablets every couple of hours as a snack and 3 tablets if you miss a major meal”.

I chose this design theme, and if we can master the consistency with which we provide fuel to our body and brain we will most definitely reap the rewards.  The Survival Tabs give us the assurance we need to provide ourselves with quality nutrients at a steady pace with little effort in your part. They take all the guesswork out of making healthy choices during your work day. That’s a winning combination.  And don’t forget that Survival Tabs have a long shelf life, you can stock them for your home, car, and office. The Survival Tabs come in a variety of flavors and based on personal experience, I think you would definitely like them all. However, my personal favorite is the Chocolate flavor. They also come in Strawberry, Vanilla, and Butterscotch.  There are 180 tablets in every bottle. When compared to other products that are of a similar nature, the Survival Tabs win hands down in the categories of price, quality, credibility, and taste. They are by far the best meal replacement solution. While there are countless people using them in their everyday lives, many are also stocking their closets full in case of a natural disaster or emergency. Be sure and do the same. Have the peace of mind knowing your family and yourself have a solid food source to rely on in time of need.

WORK BLISS: Be Creative and Productive at Work

In order to have and maintain a positive state of mind on a consistent basis we need to give our bodies and brains the food it needs to thrive. We have to provide that steady stream of quality nutrients day in and out. The Survival Tabs can provide that steady stream in between meals and additionally as the meal itself.

It’s a well known fact that staying productive at work for hours at a time is a hard challenge for most people. Our bodies and mind have a tendency to wander. The information and solution to this problem revolved primarily around the subject of diet.

We can always bring healthy snacks to work to keep us fueled throughout the day and increase our capability exponentially to stay productive, focused, and on task for greater period of time. We need a steady stream of nutrients flowing through our body at all time to achieve our goals, but this will take several trip to the grocery which means we need to spend a lot of time, which, we don’t have.