3 Packages, Bearded Clam, Survival Tabs, & Country Prepper


Hey everybody Massachusetts prepper here.

Well right now I'm going to do a few un-packagings real quick

To show y'all some stuff that's coming real soon.

Now the very first thing I've got all the addresses face down here.

We got a note here this first package is from the bearded clam and it seems that you know I happen to subscribe to him.

He had 999 subscribers and I subscribed to him and I was 1,000 subscriber and he'd watched one of my videos where I had said that I didn't have a flint and steel when I was doing a fire.

I believe it was one of the fires I did for Nathan 4071 and so you know Nathan wanted us to start a fire with either a Ferro rod and striker or flint and steel.

So I had mentioned that i did not have a flint and steel.

So the Bearded Clam took in since i was his 1000 subscriber he sent me a package and he actually sent me a nice little Altoids tin that you can see here with a ranger ban on it and inside of here we have a flint and steel with some cotton.

A couple of pieces of fatwood some char wood some char cloth jute twine and there is a piece of inner tube in here for extended fire burning and this i'm not sure what this is.

It's like some kind of a fiber board or something but I'm sure that's to aid in fire starting.

So he sent that to me and I'm going to be demonstrating this here real soon and see if I can start a fire with flint and steel.

I have never used flint and steel before never had it and so this is a nice little package from the Bearded Clam and that he had sent me and I'll be putting this to some good use.

So thank you my friend I really appreciate this.

Now the next thing we've got is I contacted The Survival Tabs and you know I've seen a few videos where people have told about The Survival Tabs and you know what they tasted like and stuff and I contacted them and told them that I wanted to do a video on their product and actually put it through a real 12 to 24 hour test.

So i figured when I had inquired about these that they would send me one of these packages here with 24 tabs in it and this coming Tuesday.

Today is Sunday by the way tomorrow is Memorial day so I won't be or Labor day

I won't be doing it on Labor day but Tuesday when I get up in the morning I'm going to be eating one of these per hour.

That's what the directions state that you should do that you should eat 1 an hour and I'm going to do this for probably 12 hours and let you all know how my energy levels and stuff stay throughout the day.

Now I was actually surprised because they sent me the big tub here of Survival Tabs and I'll you know give a more thorough review of these once I try them out and let you know what I think and everything but they sent me this big tub of butter scotch.

They sent me a couple of these a couple of these small trial packages and a couple of the larger packages strawberry and chocolate.

So I'm going to be giving you know I'm probably gonna do the strawberry because I like strawberry

Going to try The Survival Tabs out and on Tuesday I'll be doing like a blog all day long of how my energy levels stay and how things are you know by eating just The Survival Tabs and of course I will be drinking liquids throughout the day but I will just be eating the Survival Tabs to see how well these actually you know keep my energy levels and stuff up.

Now the next thing I got here and I believe if I'm not mistaken i know who this is from I just don't want to get any names or addresses out there.

So let me just pull this off camera for a second oh and open that I'm using my Kershaw Skyline very nice knife of course we all know Kershaw makes some very nice knives and the Skyline is one of their all-time bestsellers.

Very classic Kershaw knife non assisted opening I mean you can kind of flip it out there and it'll stop so non assisted opening but very very smooth with just a little flick of the wrist.

Now if I am not mistaken this was my winnings from Country Preppers 1500 subscriber giveaway that he had and I won the second place prize and sure enough we've got the Nano light here LED of course Streamlight.

These are a very small compact bright little light I've been wanting to get one of these so this was a nice little thing to win and I'll be adding this to my everyday carry.

Get some of this stuff out of the way we've got the Leatherman bruiser which is a nice little multi-tool basically looks like it's got a screwdriver a bottle opener and I'm not sure if that's a little ranch or what or if it's just for your keychain, I'll look at this a little bit more in depth.

Got the eight gigabyte Kingston Datatraveler a nice little flash drive 8 gigabyte flash drive USB.

Got the nice little monkey fist that he made.

Has a small ball bearing in there but nice little keychain Monkey Fist and I believe this is um the Ferro rod and holder for a mini Bic lighter and I'm I think I think Gearnut is the one that made this so this is a nice little addition to my kit as well and then there was one more thing that he had in here and as you can see it is the Kershaw Clash and this was all from Country Preppers 1500 subscriber giveaway and sure enough the Kershaw clash very beefy clip on that for a pocket clip very nice and this is an assisted opening knife.

We have the straight edge and the serrations and those are very aggressive serrations on that for sure I'll be doing a full review on this knife as well i haven't done a knife review in a while so this will be a nice one to do a review on the Kershaw clash nice night.

So everything that I won and Country Preppers giveaway laid out here on the table nice prize winnings.

I thank you very much my friend

so Bearded Clam thank you for the fire kit of the flint and steel kit, Survival Tabs uh y'all be watching I'll I like I told you I would send you a email message with the link to the video when i did the vlog on the Survival Tabs

Doing them all day long and reporting back how I feel and everything from using them so be watching for that

That'll be coming on Tuesday and Country Prepper brother thank you very much I really appreciate this I appreciate the opportunity that I had to take part in your giveaway and a great prize package indeed and I hope that you all will take and check out the Bearded Clam Country Prepper and if you're not familiar with the Survival Tabs product check them out as well and there's going to be an update video to all this stuff because I like I said I'm be doing a review on the knife and you know I'm going to be doing one of kind of a review test on me trying to start a fire with flint and steel and of course The Survival Tabs will be on Tuesday so will you survive whatever comes your way I

Sure hope so this is the Massachusetts Prep for saying take care all you


- The perfect nutrition - Just in case -


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