25 year shelf-life | 100% digestible | Delicious taste – The Survival tabs

Provide balance to your family

While The Ready Store offers nutritionally balanced food storage kits, many families create their own kits little bits at time. This is a great way to establish a safety net with your nutrition during an emergency!

Extend your preparation timeline

Survival Tabs allow you to skip meals, saving your food storage items. This will keep your food storage longer!

Be prepared for anything

With a 10 year shelf-life and a convenient portable canteen-sized bottle, you will be able to store these in convenient places and be ready to go at a moment’s notice.
Survival Tabs started as a way for astronauts to stay healthy while only eating a small tablet. Now, they are used as an emergency survival pill that will keep your family healthy during an emergency!

Survival Tabs emergency supplements are vitamin- and calorie-packed supplements that will help round out your food storage diet so you can be assured that you and your family are healthy. Survival Tabs are also a great option for those who want to be ready for an emergency when food is scarce or not available at all.

These tablets contain 100 percent of the15 essential vitamins & minerals as recommended by the U.S. RDA. Survival Tabs are completely digested so that 99 percent of their calorie content can be used by the body for energy. Ninety-seven percent of the protein content is available for repair or replacement of essential body substances, such as blood, muscle and nerves.

The Survival Tabs container is similar to the size and shape of a regular G.I. canteen pouch. The small space under the lid is filled with a plastic bag, if water needs to be stored, the Survival Tabs can be poured into the plastic bag and be carried in a pocket or backpack while the container is used as a canteen and filled with water.

The tabs provide a portable solution great emergency and automobile kits. While it has been reported that people have lived off these for months due to their disaster most people are going to find them as a great way way to augment their food stores and or use the Survival Tabs exclusively for a short period of time.