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The quality of the food we eat is more important than the quantity. Of a foods’ theoretical calorie content, 30-60% is unused by the body and converts to unhealthy fat. The Survival Tabs are so completely and quickly digested they have a 99% absorption rate.

Within five minutes of consuming the tabs, 97% of the protein is available to repair and replace essential body tissues and fluids. These tabs were created for the Early Space Program using high-quality protein, carbohydrates and fat to provide the body with 100% of the daily essential vitamins and minerals required to maintain physical functions such as dexterity, stamina and coordination.

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information provided in this brochure is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Never disregard medical advice or delay in seeking it because of information you received from The or this brochure.

History of The Survival Tabs

The Survival Tabs has a long history. In the ’60s the Federal Government was searching for a food source that could be used in specialty situations. The objective was the find a product that would provide the best possible nutrition in the smallest possible volume. The resulting research was extremely involved and intense, and the product that evolved was used in the early space program. Eventually, a tablet was perfected and used widely as an emergency food. Professional athletes began using The Survival Tabs to maintain their ideal weight while sustaining maximum levels of activity and strength. A number of entertainers began using The Survival Tabs for the same reason. Dieters also discovered that they could lose weight very comfortably by replacing meals and snacks with The Survival Tabs.

Primary Function:
Survival Tabs are designed to sustain life and maintain energy levels for extended periods. A person can rely solely on these tabs as a meal supplement for 4-5 months. Each daily serving of 12 tablets, totaling 240 calories, provides essential nourishment when normal calorie intake is unachievable. These tabs are particularly useful in scenarios where one is lost, stranded, or incapacitated, eliminating the need to search for food.

Emergency Readiness:
In emergency situations, a bottle containing 180 chewable tabs offers a 15-day food supply based on a daily intake of 12 tablets. In more severe conditions, this can be extended to last 30 days. Once opened, the tabs remain effective for up to 90 days. With a 25-year shelf life when unopened, they are an excellent choice for stocking up in preparation for natural disasters.

Nutritional Superiority:
The quality of nutrients is paramount over quantity. In typical foods, 30-60% of the calorie content is not utilized by the body and can lead to unhealthy fat accumulation. However, Survival Tabs boast a 99% absorption rate due to their rapid and complete digestibility.

Within just five minutes of consumption, 97% of the protein in the tabs becomes available to repair and replace vital body tissues and fluids. Originally developed for the Early Space Program, these tabs contain high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. They provide 100% of the essential daily vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain key physical functions such as dexterity, stamina, and coordination.

Weight Loss

The Survival Tabs stand out due to their high nutritional content paired with minimal calories, making them an excellent choice for both weight loss and ongoing weight management. Typically, after the initial week of incorporating The Survival Tabs into your diet, you'll notice a stabilization in weight loss, averaging about 0-2 pounds per week, assuming a normal level of daily activity. This product surpasses others in delivering a substantial amount of complete nutrition, thanks to its precise balance of essential nutrients. As a leading option for survival food, The Survival Tabs are notably more effective and nutritious than conventional quick-energy solutions or candy, serving as an optimal, lightweight emergency food ration.

For those looking to lose weight, the recommendation is to consume two regular meals per day and replace one meal with 3 to 6 Survival Tabs. If you're inclined to eat only once a day, you can substitute the other two meals with the same number of Survival Tabs, or slightly more if needed, tailoring the quantity to your personal requirements. Monitoring and adjusting the intake of The Survival Tabs is crucial and should be based on individual needs. Ensure you include at least one balanced meal of 600-800 calories daily as part of The Survival Tabs diet plan.

By replacing all snacks with The Survival Tabs and drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water daily, you'll see a noticeable reduction in weight. It's important to note that The Survival Tabs do not contain chemical appetite suppressants, and each tab has just 20 calories.

*Before starting any diet or weight maintenance program, consulting with a physician is advised. In the initial week of using The Survival Tabs exclusively, it's common to lose between 5-8 lbs, largely due to the clearance of digested food from the intestinal tract. Following this period, weight loss is expected to normalize to 0-2 lbs per week as the body begins to utilize stored fat for energy, provided daily activities are maintained. This rate of weight loss is typical for individuals on a diet.

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