Creating Survival Food Tabs involved meticulous planning to ensure they are an efficient, compact, and suitable option for emergency nutrition

Digestive Efficiency: The body is more effective at absorbing nutrients when food intake is lower. With Survival Food Tabs, food lingers longer in the digestive tract, allowing for thorough nutrient absorption due to reduced consumption.
Nutrient Absorption and Quality: While regular food needs complete digestion for energy, Survival Food Tabs are crafted for full absorption and utilization by the body. High-quality nutrients are essential as poor-quality ones can overburden the digestive system, especially the kidneys. These tabs include top-grade proteins that the body fully uses, avoiding the breakdown of bodily tissues. They also contain essential fatty acids and premium carbohydrates, completely utilized by the body.
Augmenting Limited Food Sources in Survival Situations: In survival contexts, additional food sources might be scarce. Survival Food Tabs offer a vital supplement, enhancing the limited food available. For example, in a jungle, a person might consume local foods like insects and berries. These tabs add to such diets, helping sustain an individual until rescue. This principle also applies in desert or maritime survival scenarios with limited food access. The tabs are formulated to sustain life as long as one could typically survive in such conditions, considering elements like exposure, environmental factors, or water scarcity.
Survival Food Tabs are tailored to preserve life and energy over prolonged periods. They can serve as a meal supplement for 4-5 months, with a daily serving of 12 tablets providing 240 calories of vital nourishment when normal food intake isn't possible. These tabs are ideal in situations where one is lost or stranded, negating the need to forage for food.
Emergency Preparedness:
In emergencies, a bottle with 180 chewable tabs offers a 15-day sustenance, based on a 12-tablet daily consumption. In extreme conditions, this can stretch to 30 days. Once opened, they remain effective for 90 days. With an unopened shelf life of 25 years, they are excellent for stocking up for natural disasters.
Nutritional Excellence:
Nutrient quality trumps quantity. In standard foods, 30-60
% of calories are often unutilized, leading to unwanted fat. In contrast, Survival Food Tabs have a 99% absorption rate, thanks to their rapid and complete digestibility.
Within minutes of consumption, 97% of the protein in the tabs is ready to repair and replenish essential body tissues and fluids. Initially developed for astronauts in the Early Space Program, these tabs are packed with high-grade proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. They also provide all necessary daily vitamins and minerals, supporting crucial physical functions like dexterity, stamina, and coordination.
Note: Always remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new diet or nutritional plan, especially if it involves significant changes to your regular eating habits.