Revolutionizing Healthy Weight Management: The Survival Tabs

Harnessing space-age research, The Survival Tabs are a breakthrough in healthy weight management, combining top-tier ingredients with a unique formula to ensure your body receives 100% of essential daily vitamins and minerals.
The Survival Tabs stand out for their ability to provide optimal nutrition with minimal calories, making them the perfect choice for both losing and maintaining weight.
But these tabs offer more than just weight loss benefits; they embody a sustainable, health-focused lifestyle. Ideal for the busy, health-aware individual, The Survival Tabs are light, convenient, and ready to consume, offering a tasty, chewable option for weight reduction and energy sustenance.
The Philosophy Behind The Survival Tabs
The principle is simple: less food intake leads to greater bodily efficiency. With reduced consumption, food lingers longer in the digestive system, leading to more thorough assimilation.
Many nutrients in our regular diet are poorly digested. However, The Survival Tabs boast a 100% digestibility and assimilation rate by the body. Quality trumps quantity in our diet. Inferior quality proteins, carbs, and fats strain our digestive system, particularly the kidneys.
In The Survival Tabs, we use high biological value protein that is fully utilized, safeguarding the body from breaking down its own tissues. The fats consist of essential fatty acids, while the carbohydrates are high-quality and fully utilized.
Reduced Calories Equals Weight Loss
Our state-of-the-art development has enabled The Survival Tabs to blend essential nutrients with minimal calories. This unique meal replacement approach not only boosts metabolism but also maintains a stable basal metabolic rate. This facilitates calorie reduction for weight loss while using stored body fat for energy and preserving muscle mass.
Professional athletes, celebrities, models, and busy professionals use The Survival Tabs as a snack or meal replacement for sustained energy, weight loss, and weight maintenance.
Cleanse Phase: Jumpstart Your Weight Loss
The first crucial step in The Survival Tabs regimen is designed to accelerate weight loss. By replacing all meals with 3-6 tabs for one week, you cleanse your system, ease digestion, and reset your metabolism without sacrificing essential nutrients.
To initiate weight loss, consume 1 tab every hour for 12 hours, or replace all three meals with 3-6 tablets each. Supplement with raw vegetables or low-sodium 100% vegetable juice.
Our studies show an average loss of 5-8 pounds in the first week, primarily due to the clearing of the intestines. After this initial phase, expect a steady weight loss of 0-2 pounds per week with a normal active routine.
Fat Burning Phase: Boost Metabolism and Reduce Weight
In this phase, as you reintroduce solid food, the pounds start to drop. Begin and end your day with The Survival Tabs to keep nutrient levels high and calorie count low. For lunch, have a solid meal with vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats to maintain energy.
- Breakfast: 3-6 The Survival Tabs
- Lunch: Choose between cooked or raw veggies paired with 3-4 ounces of lean protein like chicken, fish, or tofu. Opt for salmon over greens or chicken with steamed broccoli.
- Dinner: 3-6 The Survival Tabs
Eating small, frequent meals or snacks keeps your metabolism active, enhancing calorie burn. The Survival Tabs are a superior alternative to typical quick-energy snacks.
Weight-Maintenance Phase: Sustain Your Achievements
The final phase of The Survival Tabs weight-loss plan is designed for long-term sustainability. Continue this regimen until you reach your weight loss goal, and even afterwards. Incorporate two regular meals per day, substituting the third with 3-6 The Survival Tabs. Alternatively, replace two meals with the Tabs, adjusting the quantity as needed. Ensure one balanced meal or at least 600 calories per day, except during the Cleanse Phase.
Replace all between-meal snacks with The Survival Tabs. Complement this diet with moderate exercise and eight glasses of water daily.
As with any dietary plan or program, consult your physician before starting The Survival Tabs regimen.
Emergency Food Survival Food Survival Tabs

The Survival Tabs were developed more than 30 years ago and were inspired by the early space program. Due to zero gravity in space, American scientists theorized that astronauts might experience difficulty digesting food properly, potentially causing malnourishment. Of great importance was maintaining the astronaut's physical functions such as dexterity, stamina, coordination, and mental alertness. Thus began the search for a food product that would provide the daily nutrition needed to carry out missions, while meeting the tight storage requirements of spacecraft. By combining high biological value proteins, carbohydrates, and fatty acids with 100% USRDA of 15 essential vitamins and minerals in a delicious chewable tablet, The Survival Tabs provide the best possible nutrition in the smallest possible volume. Just as the space program has evolved, so have the uses for The Survival Tabs. With a significant 25-year shelf life, The Survival Tabs are ideal for long-term food storage. Because they are packed with vitamins and minerals to help sustain energy and are also lightweight and easy to carry, The Survival Tabs are being used by outdoor enthusiasts, busy professionals, athletes, and rescue teams around the globe.

The Survival Tabs are meant to keep you alive and going for months at a time. A person can survive 4-5 months by eating The Survival Tabs exclusively. One daily serving of 12 tablets contains 240 calories, which gives the body the basic daily nourishment required when the recommended calorie intake cannot be met. The Survival Tabs eliminate the need to forage for food in situations where you are lost, stranded, or trapped.

In an emergency situation, one 180-tablet bottle of chewable tabs supplies a person with 15 days worth of survival food based on the recommended consumption of 12 tablets per day. This can be stretched to a 30-day supply under extreme conditions. The Survival Tabs remain usable for 90 days once opened, before losing their efficacy. They have an unopened shelf life of 25 years. This makes them ideal to store in preparation for natural disasters.

The quality of the food we eat is more important than the quantity. Of a foods’ theoretical calorie content, 30-60% is unused by the body and converts to unhealthy fat. The Survival Tabs are so completely and quickly digested they have a 99% absorption rate. Within five minutes of consuming the tabs, 97% of the protein is available to repair and replace essential body tissues and fluids. These tabs were created for the Early Space Program using high-quality protein, carbohydrates and fat to provide the body with 100% of the daily essential vitamins and minerals required to maintain physical functions such as dexterity, stamina and coordination.

***Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.***

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Emergency Foods contain 100% of the U.S. RDA of 15 Essential Vitamins & Minerals. Made with the highest quality protein which is essential in survival situations where your body needs to assimilate as much as possible from what you eat. With most of the food, we eat 30%-60% of the calorie content leaves the body unused. The Survival Tabs have such a highly concentrated formula that 99% of their calorie content is absorbed by the body with 97% of the protein content being available to repair or replacement of muscles, nerves, etc.


We have samples of The Survival Tabs that were produced in 1974-75. They have been stored at room temperature. We test them periodically and have found little if any, deterioration or loss of vitamin or food value. Our results showed a negligible loss in these areas. Freezing temperatures will have no effect at all on these tablets. We would estimate the shelf-life for The Survival Tabs to be 25 years, but suggest rotating them to ensure maximum food value every 2-3 years.


Twelve 3.9 grams of The Survival Tabs contains Fat 25%, Protein 9%, Carbohydrates 58%, Iron 18 mg. (as Ferrous Fumarate), other minerals, 2% (from milk solids), and the following vitamins in percentages shown of their USRDA adult allowance. There are approximately 20 calories in a 3.9 gram The Survival Tab. Vitamin A........ ..... 5,000 I.U...... ...100% Vitamin D........ ..... 400 I.U. ...........100% Vitamin E.......... ... 30 E.I.U. ..........100% Thiamine (B1). ..... 1.5 mg. .............100% Riboflavin ... ..........1.7 mg. ............100% Niacin ... ...............20.0 mg. ..........100% Pyridoxine (B6)..... 2.0 mg. ............100% Folic Acid ... .........0.4 mg. ............100% Vitamin B12 ... ......3.0 mg. ............100% Vitamin C ... ..........60.0 mg. .........100%

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