Things You Don't Know About The Survival Tabs by Dr. Greg Long Term Emergency Food Review

Hello I'm Dr. Greg and I'm a chiropractor, a writer and a world traveler.

I've been using The Survival Tabs for about a year and I have to say that I am very, very pleased with the product.

Recently the fine folks who make The Survival Tabs contacted me and asked me if I would write them a nice testimonial.

I said hey I'll do you one better I'll make a video testimonial for you.

I travel to South America quite often and down there the water and food quality is sometimes quite poor and loaded with bacteria.

Over the years I've suffered numerous times from intestinal problems due to this bacteria.

About a year ago I heard about The Survival Tabs and I purchased them to take with me on my trip down there.

All I can say is that The Survival Tabs are absolutely amazing, since using them I haven't had any problems at all.

I've gone down to Peru, to the Amazon jungle three times since I started using them and haven't had any problems.

Even better the quick energy boost that The Survival Tabs give me and the US RDA of nutrients vitamins and minerals really has kept me going a lot of times when my energy was really lower when there wasn't any clean food around.

I had Survival Tabs, popped one or two of those and within a few minutes I felt great my energy was back up and I kept on going.

I can tell you this I will not be traveling anywhere ever again without my Survival Tabs by my side, if you're a bit of an adventurer like I am and you want to protect yourself from Montezuma's Revenge while at the same time getting an amazing energy boost and all the nutrition that your body needs.

 I highly recommend The Survival Tabs whenever you travel, like I said they really do taste good they have a nice vanilla flavor, pardon me.

Cheers hmm

They have a really nice vanilla flavor, they're absorbed by the body nearly a hundred percent. Most food is absorbed about 40 or 50 percent so all of the energy, all of the protein, all of the vitamins and minerals and carbohydrates that they have get absorbed and used by your body and used very quickly too so you get an energy boost almost instantly.

Like I said I will never travel again without my Survival Tabs I highly, highly, highly recommend them and I think they're absolutely great.

I'm dr. Gregg and that's my video testimonial for The Survival Tabs.

Thanks a lot bye-bye

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