The Survival Tabs, Review and Tasting

The Survival Tabs, Review and Tasting

Today I'm showing and I'm gonna be taste testing these Survival Tabs - Emergency Survival Food 25 years shelf life Vanilla:

these four packs make up one day's worth of food and that cost about ten dollars.

You can buy a week's worth of food for about $30 and they sell all different size containers and flavors.

I even saw one year's worth for a thousand dollars but these have a 25 year shelf life see in the pictures you can bring it when you go out hiking any kind of outdoor activities camping you can throw them inside your bomb shelter.

Since The Survival Tabs - Emergency food ration Survival Tabs 4 flavors:

have that 25 year shelf life they're good for natural disasters see the one on the end here is chocolate.

This one right here it says all-natural flavors this one is strawberry and the one on the end is butterscotch.

This pack I bought with this tiny containers is more of a sampler.

You find the one you really like and you go out and you buy the big pack.

So let's take a look on the backs of these.

Okay, so here's the back you see it has that really long shelf life, doesn't expire until 2040.

There you got your ingredients. These are supposed to be all-natural they have lots of vitamins, lots of protein in these.

You see The Survival Tabs - Survival Tabs hurricane preparedness 15 days foods:

says serving size is 12 tabs, each one of these packs only has four so it's one serving for the entire thing or you could call this one day's worth.

That's what it was listed as when I bought it so I'm gonna go ahead and try The Survival Tabs - Tabs Emergency food survival food 96 tabs 8-day:

out now when you pick it up and drop it sounds hard like a hard piece of candy.

We'll see how it does so I'm gonna go ahead and try these out I'm gonna start off with the chocolate one.

Here go ahead open it up see what's inside and these have a Ziploc, they're resealable.

I'm just gonna try one of each, I'm gonna save the rest for a hike or something.

The Survival Tabs - Survival Meal 25 years shelf life Survival food:

 it's got a really strong smell to it and this explains why the shelf-life is so high.

You see that, there are these tablets they smell really strong of chocolate but I'm thinking they're gonna be really dry and chalky.

Let's try them out.

Well it's actually really good I thought it was gonna be really dry and chalky.

It's not you take a bite out of that and I thought it was just gonna suck the moisture out of my mouth that did not it's really strong can really taste the chocolate in that.

I'm gonna go ahead and try The Survival Tabs - Survival tabs emergency food supply 30 days 25years shelf life:

that's listed as all-natural.

I have no idea what that one's gonna taste like oh there yeah it says vanilla, it's vanilla flavored.

I'll go ahead try that one out too so that's what you get inside the tent is slightly different.

The camera looks pretty much the same but let's see smell like it's has no odor to it at all the vanilla it's got a good amount of flavor.

So those two have great flavor I would compare this to a protein shake that's what it kind of tastes like not the kind you get when you go to the gym not those ones that are all chalky but these do have good flavor is actually so good.

I'm I think some people would actually eat The Survival Tabs - Survival tabs 60 days MREs 25 Years Shelf Life Long Term:

like candy.

Strawberry, let's try this one out.

Okay that one smells really strong the strawberry and once again the tablet kind of looks the same let's try that out. Really good actually really good.

Let's try the last one which is butterscotch.

As I can tell this is the most popular flavor and because it's the most popular.

It's price is lowest.

Once again the The Survival Tabs - Survival Tabs hurricane preparedness 15 days foods:

package does have doesn't have any smell to it can't smell that kind of flavor.

Not sure why let's try that one out

Started off kind of bad but it got better fast so basically all of them have really good flavor.

I would definitely purchase The Survival Tabs - Survival Tabs 4 Bottes Mix:

again for a camping or something.

They're great for if you don't have a lot of time to eat it's fast energy thanks for watching.