The Survival Tabs - Product Review

The Survival Tabs - Product Review


That right there is bear poop.

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Outdoor Adventurecraft. me and Coupet come out for a walk today to one of my deer blinds having a cup of tea and chilling out and I thought I'd talk to you guys a little bit today about a product called The Survival Tabs.

They’re an emergency food ration I had a chance to get some and do a little product review on them and I want to talk to you guys about them here today.

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Okay, so I got to get this video going before the dog flies carried me out of here.

The Survival Tabs, - Survival food 10 days Strawberry:

now the way the product describes itself is says The Survival Tabs are meant to keep you alive and going in an emergency survival situation.

In a situation where sufficient food sources are not available The Survival Tabs - Emergency survival Food 15 days Chocolate:

 provide you with the margin of survival needed.

Now if you look at the ingredients on The Survival Tabs - Vanilla Survival Tabs astronaut protein food

What the primary ingredients actually are is a powdered milk, sugar and sunflower and saffron oil.

In addition they have one hundred percent of your vitamin A, one hundred percent your vitamin b1, b2, niacin, vitamin E, vitamin b6, folic acid, hundred percent of b12, one hundred percent of your daily iodine, your b5, your zinc, manganese, vitamin D, iron and vitamin C.

So The Survival Tabs -  Emergency food survival preparedness 60 days:

don't aim to keep you full but they aim to provide the vitamins and minerals necessary for your immune system, your nervous system.

So you can think straight, so you can perform at the recommended daily intake of them you take one an hour every hour for a 12-hour day it adds up to about 240 calories.

So it's not a like I say it's not about keeping you full but it's about keeping you thinking straight and providing as it says in the description the margin of survival needed.

So what I did yesterday was I woke up and I went on a diet about 12 to 16 hours I think it was of just eating The Survival Tabs - The survival tabs emergency food:

 as recommended.

It also says that you can increase the amount that you eat but it just warrants you that the amount of time that a container would last you will be reduced which is which is obvious math.

So what I was doing was every hour if I if I felt a little hungry I would eat two but if I if I didn't feel hungry I would just eat the one and I actually I had to work.

Yesterday I had to finished painting a deck so I was actually putting out quite a bit of energy and I didn't feel hungry throughout the day.

the survival tabs

I stayed well hydrated and I just ate The Survival Tabs - Emergency survival food 8 days

till after supper time and then I had a proper supper.

But I was actually quite impressed with how The Survival Tabs - Survival Food MREs Meal replacement for disaster 10 day :

 kept me going you know, kept me energized I never felt weak or worn out and one of the things that I was kind of worried about going in was sometimes if I don't eat at certain times my blood sugar gets a little low.

I get kind of that weak you know kind of a shaky feeling and I kind of wondered if that would if that would come along but it never did and so I was actually quite happy with that.

The Survival Tabs - Tabs Emergency food survival food 96 tabs 8-day:

come in packs of 4, 12 & 24 and then they have the big 180 count tubs they have a shelf life of 25 years it properly stored they basically just want you to keep them cool dry and then out of any extreme heat for extended periods of time and I would recommend them.

They're very light you can throw them in any bag you know you're fishing tackle box, your go bag and the flavors are great too.

Like the big package that I was eating from was vanilla malt they kind of taste like kind of like the insides of some chocolate bars that have malty flavor.

The Survival Tabs - Survival Meal 25 years shelf life Survival food:

 are kind of powdery when you first chew one up kind of like a cookie but they very quickly get kind of like creamy and then they start to dissolve and then they're gone.

So there's not a lot to them and like I said it's not so much about caloric intake as it is the vitamins and minerals needed to keep you’re your nervous system and immune system and all that stuff function and well.

So I think they're great think you guys should try The Survival Tabs - 8 days Food supply Emergency food replacement:

 out consider them for your go bags and your survival kits and thanks for letting me tell you guys a little bit about this product.

So that's just about going to do it for me and coop back here today we're about to get carried away by the dog flies and it's kind of spoiling our time out here.

So we're going to head out but thanks for joining me and checking with the review here on The Survival Tabs. - Survival Tabs 60 day food supply:


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