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The Survival Tabs Emergency Food - Survival Food


‘Better than bugs’.

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This is going to be about The Survival Tabs and we're going to do a giveaway of some of these cool tabs so check it out & stick with me.

Actually the folks at The Survival Tabs - Survival Tabs 60 day food supply:

 were kind enough to send this to me so I can show it to you and if you're old enough to remember maybe the 60s and 70s and maybe even some older science fiction type movies and stuff you know that they're always eating a little food tablets right this was

So Survival Tabs - Survival tabs 60-day food supply Butterscotch flavor:

 actually believe it or not came from the space program so to speak so and what it says on their lightweight emergency life-sustaining food ration and what these things are.

Now they're not going to you know going to get fat on these but what they are they're designed to be is have a very long shelf life and provides you with at least the minimum nutrients to allow you to survive.

The Survival Tabs - Survival Tabs Emergency food 60 days 720 tabs Vanilla and Strawberry flavor:

are made the USA they are in the 35th year of making this product.

So they've got a long track record, they're not some johnny-come-lately.

Let's talk about this we'll take a look at them I actually had these things taste tested by some Boy Scouts and and some adult leaders on a recent Boy Scout camp out I'll tell you the results of that taste test.

But let's talk about this product real quick let me show you what they are and then we'll do a taste test right here.

Well these are The Survival Tabs - Tabs Emergency food survival food 96 tabs 8-day:

and they're calling themselves the perfect nutrition ‘just in case’ and they come in four flavors they come in chocolate, vanilla malt, butterscotch and strawberry and if you can see little tablets here they look pretty much the same.

You can tell a little bit of color difference in the chocolate one here but they're available in 24 portion packs and 180 portion bottles ok.

So before we go much further I want to talk about The Survival Tabs - Emergency survival food 8 days

a little bit one of the tabs and it's we're pretty high humidity it's been raining out here I set this actually set this on a wet stump it's already getting a little sticky it was it kind of dry powdery so once it's exposed to some moisture it's going to pick it up pretty quickly it's kind of like a sponge but I just want to show you that it is edible.

Kind of um kind of dry but it really doesn't have it can't think of what it tastes like. This is the chocolate one, you remember Now & Laters like chocolate Now & Laters.

It's got a good flavor, it doesn't taste like cardboard.

The Survival Tabs - Survival Tabs hurricane preparedness 15 days foods:

taste kind of sweet, chocolaty not too sweet it's pretty good really hum I can't complain.

Now, I'm gonna do a little test these you can see there's a little bit of color difference. I don't know which one is which so just for you I'm going to eat one of each and we'll see if I can figure out which one it is because the flavors are pretty distinct and I’ve tried them all they're all pretty good but let me go while I'm chewing this maybe I can talk with my mouth full although I'm not supposed to but you know maybe to keep things moving along.

Can't tell which one I just I mixed them up I think it might be that must be vanilla malt I think.

Let me get a drink of water and cleanse my palate and we'll try another,

Okay that was two of them let's try we got two more here.

This one got some ashes on it, see we got there that's strawberry for sure tastes good coming out I'm not going to say they're Jolly Rancher good but they're good.

So let's talk about them I'm cueing here I'll try not to be too rude.

The premise behind The Survival Tabs  - Emergency Survival Food 25 years shelf life Vanilla:

is that you take 12 times a day one hour for 12 hours and that gives you 240 total calories for the day and 100% of a whole bunch of stuff you can pause the video if you want to see that.

I'm not going to bore you but 25 years shelf life, this thing actually has there's the best if used by 2040.

Now that's obviously unopened so let's try the last one see if I can tell what it is.

I think the other maybe a butterscotch and this might be the vanilla malt, my palate’s not that discerning but I like the fact that's non-gmo.

Okay if it matters to you gluten free.

So many of the survival foods that you see out there they are kind dry though I mean some of the survival foods you see out there are filled with artificial stuff, artificial flavors to make them taste better, artificial preservatives to make them last long.

This is um I mean the ingredients on here it's got a few artificial flavors in it but for the most part what I can see all the additives are um the additives are vitamins.

If you take 12 Survival Tabs - Emergency food survival preparedness 60 days:

 during the day it gives you 9 grams of fat, 4 grams of carbs and 4 grams of protein which is not going to be a bodybuilder diet but it may keep you alive and so they're good for a since they're meant to keep you alive and going for 48 hours at a time.

So can be stretched to 96 hours in extreme conditions. So this is not a long-term survival live off you know take it out in the woods and live forever on it but if you can throw a pack of these or a bottle of these in your pack if you did get stuck out somewhere for two or three days you know it'd keep you alive and we came out with a saying for this although they do taste really good.

The Boy Scout camp out we tried these on we came out with a little slogan maybe we thought they might want to put on here ‘better than bugs’ because it's definitely ‘better than bugs’.

You know The Survival Tabs - Survival Food MREs Meal replacement for disaster 10 day :

are pretty good so actually the once you open them they're good for 90 days. So as long as you keep them sealed up like I said they pick up moisture pretty quickly it seems like they get a little bit sticky but that's just on the outside.

When I bit into them they were still good and dry and they're not sweet tart consistency they're little softer than that but the kind of you know maybe like a softer sweet tart if you know.

We're doing a little candy review here right so um anyway it says you can take more than the recommended serving but please note the total days of rations will be affected accordingly.

Well yeah that's a big dumb moment right there and you got you got 24 in here this is a two day pack here so you can put one of these in in your pack.

It weighs hardly anything and that will keep you alive for 48 hours which is um just a good thing to do it's a good thing to have in your emergency kit, 25 years shelf life.

So you could put a bottle of The Survival Tabs - Survival tabs emergency food supply 30 days 25years shelf life:

 like this big bottle right here in here it's 180 tabs in here doesn't take up much room you can put a case of these in your emergency survival rationing or whatever for hurricanes or storms, emergencies or whatever your preferred survival scenario is.

25 years shelf life, they taste good too they're not you know flaming you on a prime area but they taste good so well anyway I'm rambling too much too much bottom line these things are really cool.

I'll put a link to The Survival Tabs - Emergency food Survival MREs 60 days:

 site below I asked him about a coupon code they're not really set up to do that but what they did instead they sent me some free stuff to give you.

Let me show you what we got and I'll tell how it's going to work.

Here's what I thought we'd do I know a lot of times your giveaways on Facebook and some people don't like dealing with Facebook so I thought I like to try to do something for people that either don't want to or choose not to or whatever no Facebook.

One day I'm going to get through a video with minimal rambling just at least a small portion of it so let me just bottom-line here's what we're going to do is not gonna be a Facebook giveaway so you don't have to have Facebook it doesn't matter.

What you're going to need to do is below here in the description or wherever the description is on your particular device and I'll actually put a link up top here too.

There's going to be a I guess a contest entry form to enter it's going to going to enter your email address and it's going to put you on the list to be entered to possibly win one of these things.

Now if you've already done this I had one giveaway a while back if you already signed up on that then go ahead and enter.

It'll come back that you're already there and everybody that's on my email list is going to be entered so if you already entered on my email list you automatically are entered to win this even if you don't sign up for this particular drawing if you're on the email list your automatically entered because that's just that's one of the rewards for being on my subscriber list and if you are on that list you'll know that I haven't sent you maybe one email in the last six months if that.

I planned to eventually I've just hadn't got around to it so don't feel left out if you're feeling lonely but here's what we're going to do.

You go down there you just enter your email address, you'll get an email says please click this link to confirm. You got to confirm it so that the government knows I'm not spamming you and I got permission to send you an email and have your email address but we're going to giveaway.

There’s gonna be five winners okay, so your odds depend on how many people enter obviously be good. Which is gonna be at random I'm gonna pull up a list they'll be numbered. I'll use a random number generator and we'll pick the numbers and there they go you got to trust me on that because I probably won't film all that but here's what I got, I got four packs of the 24 each and there's one of each flavor obviously I've got vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate and strawberry Survival Tabs. - Survival Tabs 60 day food supply:

So you've got one of these Survival Tabs flavors that's going to be one prize that's going to be a total of you know 92 right 96, I'm sorry so that's one.

Then I've got a 90 pack of chocolate it's going to be 2 I've got another 90 pack of chocolate that's going to be three then I've got two 180 packs of it just says original I don't know what that means.

Okay well I did again I left something out this time I had the video all the way uploaded to YouTube ready to post and I realized I didn't tell you when the giveaway was ending.

So real quickly May the 18th in the US is Memorial Day thought that'd be a good time to end it.

So starting today the go ahead and get your entries in for the giveaway on May the 18th Memorial Day I will draw for the winners from all the entries to subscribers to my email list on

So be sure and check the link below and go ahead and sign up and follow that you have to confirm your email and all that stuff so the government doesn't think I'm spamming you and I'll draw those winners and I will notify the lucky winners by email and then I'll post it in the video description also and you'll have a certain period of time to respond to me your address and all that stuff so I can send it to you that's it.

I will get back to the regularly scheduled video now, once again I apologize for this kind of weird interruption. If this really gets on your nerves just let me know he's just a lot quicker than me going back and setting everything up to go ahead and add a little something that I forgot so I'll try to quit forgetting stuff I'll try to quit rambling and back to the video thanks.

So here's what we're going to do I'm just going to randomly go down the list. The first person I pick is going to get The Survival Tabs - 8 days Food supply Emergency food replacement:

 four packs the next two are going to get the chocolate one each to get one of the chocolate ones and the last two of the five I pick will get one of these and so you don't have to put down what kind of one or whatever you're going to get what you get. It's going to be free whatever you get I tell you they all taste fine every one of them taste great.

So what's going to work is again just click on the link up here or in the description however you want to do it and they'll take you to a page on the website where you can enter your email to enter to win this.

If you have if you if you don't know if you already entered your email just do it. If you have it'll send you back a little email says you're already subscribe so you'll be good doing that and then I'll just pick five people at random they're going to win the prizes like we said so be linked up here in link in the description.

So good luck to everybody.

Again, thanks to the folks at The Survival Tabs - Survival tabs 60-day food supply Butterscotch flavor:

not only for sending me these so I can show them to you but for sending the extra ones so we can I can do a giveaway and you can maybe get win some for free if you don't if you do or don't win your go check your website out this they're really good folks they were really, really generous.

So anyway I hope that's been helpful if you're looking for a really cool little resource to keep in your in your emergency kit or your emergency rations.

It's not going to replace food forever but it would keep you alive for a couple of days anyway which may be what you need to get to get saved and remember ‘better than bugs’.

So as always thanks for watching Survival on Purpose thanks for subscribing thanks for clicking that like button thanks for sharing with your friends for checking those Amazon links out for watching those ads for this

Thanks for all your support I really appreciate it

Once again my name is Brian you're watching Survival on Purpose remember survival is not an accident so be prepared

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