Survival Tabs Review, Calories and Nutrition for Bug Out, Prepping, Survival & Hiking

Survival Tabs Review, Calories and Nutrition for Bug Out, Prepping, Survival & Hiking


I'm Wessex Blades if you're looking for a great tasted food product that needs zero preparation stay tuned and introduced to some in a minute.

The Survival Tabs containing 15 vitamins a gluten-free, non-gmo.

They're ready to eat now there's no preparation involved.

They've got a 25 year lifespan but once you open a pack you still get 90 days to enjoy all the full flavors.

So I'll introduce the packs to you now and you can see that the different sized packs can go in different areas that you need it for prepping be it a bug-out bag, your EDC kit or your big home store.

Now The Survival Tabs come in four flavors strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch and chocolate.

I already destroyed the strawberry one but open up a vanilla one now for you and will let me show you what they look like.

The Survival Tabs do have a tear off, it’s better if you have an EDC. They are quite stubborn but that's because the pack is very strong as to give it 25 years.

Once you're in there you end up a compress freeze dried big blunt and that's what it looks like, chewable, suckable tastes like ice cream but it's not just loaded up with sugar.

There’s vitamins & minerals in here as well so a pack that size you're looking at your EDC bag.

For home storage they come in packs this size, this pack cool enough fits in a canteen page so once you've opened it you guys should use this to store water.

I think The Survival Tabs are a really cool option for your hiking, camping or friendly needs 25 year lifespan.

You still get 90 days once you've opened the pack and you can put them anywhere you need to, put them in your house proven ego bag or even your EDC great for tasting flavors.

I'll see you next time.


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