Survival Tabs for Busy Attorney Lawyers Judges Paralegal Courtrooms Surviving Jury Duty


As an attorney my clients depend on me 2 o's be sharp and on my toes.

There are many times when in the middle of the day with five things going on at once I just don't have the time to go out and get anything to eat.

That's why I keep a bottle of The Survival Tabs in my briefcase at all times. I know that the protein, carbohydrates and energy boosts that I get from The Survival Tabs are one hundred percent authentic.

The Survival Tabs supplied one hundred percent of the US RDA of 15 essential vitamins and minerals.

They're absorbed in my body within five minutes so I get a quick natural burst of energy.

Even better, The Survival Tabs are easy to chew and swallow even without water now that's what I call an open-and-shut case.

Keep a bottle of The Survival Tabs on hand to ‘ Just in case’.


- The perfect nutrition - Just in case –