SURVIVAL TABS - Best Bugout Food? 25yr Shelf Life

SURVIVAL TABS - Best Bugout Food? 25yr Shelf Life


Hello YouTube it is Christian and today's episode we are gonna be discussing The Survival Tabs -  so stick with me.

Welcome back everybody and thank you for sticking with me like I said today we're gonna be discussing The Survival Tabs. - Meal Replacement Food 2 days Survival tabs:

Now to get this out there the company approached me and said would you like a sample these are our Survival Tab. - Emergency survival Food 15 days Chocolate:

 It's designed for the ultimate dire situation, to help keep you alive in an absolute an emergency.

What does it taste like to you, vanilla-ish.

I was like sure I'll check it out.

Now respectfully, I was expecting something like this a sample like a four chewable tablet and no they sent me a 180 a 12 piece and a 24 the thing that I like the most is according to the packaging The Survival Tabs - Emergency Food Supply:

 have a 25 year shelf life and according to this best if used by date is by yeah that's right September 2014.

That's crazy.

Now, I've already opened this one and this one but however let's go ahead and open this bad boy up you can kind of check and see what they look like.

That's what The Survival Tabs - Survival Tabs 4 flavors:

 look like nothing special really small but is is a super big emergency food supplement.

So without I mean I shouldn't waste too much time I've already tasted the vanilla one but this one is strawberry.

Yeah, so I guess bottoms up.

Yeah, that's not bad at all.

Now the thing that's got me the most intrigued is check this out.

This is the big one this is kind of like the survival one this is when you put in your kit you can literally just leave it and forget it.

So I have right here though SOS emergency food rations side-by-side comparison pretty much the same size now according to this this is a three day supply of food that provides you a maximum of 3600 calories.

The Survival Tabs - Emergency Survival Food 25 years shelf life Vanilla:

 is designed to provide you ideally five days worth of food but they said that if you ration this out an absolute emergency this can give you 15 days worth of food.

Now let's go with right here so you're only getting for 12 tabs.

You only getting 240 calories so with that said you're getting about 700 calories or so a day however 720 calories is way better than absolutely nothing because you can't scavenge a forage in the middle of nowhere and you're screwed.

Now I guess the thing I like the most is I went ahead and brought my EDC survival bag but right in here check this out fits right in and close it up I'm good to go.

Now I've got five days worth of food now I like these because they taste good according to the packaging they have a really good shelf life.

The Survival Tabs - Emergency survival food 8 days

 use mylar packaging or a you can't see through it, packaging and it looks like it's watertight like this.

I literally would just keep it like this maybe put a ranger band on it or tighten tie it off it by itself but I mean five days worth of food and a super big oak wrap situation that's pretty incredible.

A final positive aspect is considering the long shelf life and the fact that they actually taste pretty good & The Survival Tabs - Survival Food MREs Meal replacement for disaster 10 day :

 don't cost a whole lot either, according to Amazon where I'll actually have a link to all their different stuff down description box below.

For an 8 day supply worth of emergency food rations The Survival Tabs - Survival Meal 25 years shelf life Survival food:

in my opinion a day supply of food for 24 bucks is freaking amazing if I need a backup to my backup and all my trapping of my hunting gear all my bug-out equipment.

I just can't find food I would totally be willing to pay for that that just about.

That does it for this episode it was pretty straightforward as some taste tests I like the way it tastes.

I'm actually going to be putting The Survival Tabs - Survival tabs emergency food supply 30 days 25years shelf life:

in my kit and definitely throw a big thumbs up to this video this is the kind of reviews and survival food and kind of things like that you want to see.

I'm also going to be putting a lot of Amazon links down the description box below and consider purchasing off those links because of survival tabs is something you're interested in and very open to.

I hope you guys have an absolute wonderful day, I'm out.