Camping- Hammock Coffee & Survival Tabs Overnight backpacking

Camping- Hammock Coffee & Survival Tabs Overnight backpacking Vlog #43

Alright guys so I hope you can see me here I've got my canister here.

These leaves are damp on the under here so I just don't want to spill anything on my tie back and make it wet so the weather's been crappy for a few days I knew it was going to be because of the forecast but you know I'm like I've said in past videos I'm a habitual offender when it comes to heading out into bad weather.

This is the time I had is cold if it's raining the snowing if there's a hurricane usually I just go unless I'm with guests and that's a whole different ballgame but when I'm by myself scouting out future trips or doing some YouTube videos and things you know it's no big deal.

It's actually more interesting and I get to test all my skills and bad weather.

So here's a here's my canister I'm going to use not my backup there's the canister and you guys saw this in the other video.

We got time before dinner tired from hiking and driving and there's the so I'm a pretty wore out I'm gonna just get right to it and not waste any time.

Make some coffee all right and get this bad boy out of there and this distance well ventilated so it's not going to be a problem with you know like the carbon monoxide and stuff like that.

So this is my mini bull design angry troll pot you guys can see it has a flattened out bottom so when you have to clean it out there's uh it's a lot easier there's not a ridge in there it's kind of hard to tell and then it's got the wicking on the side and then the Fosters pot ring to make it stable.

This is super ultralight I mean this just is ultralight as you can get this is a thru-hiker kind of setup so if I just was boiling water for potatoes and things I would definitely just use this as my cook pot.

Today I'm use it as my coffee cup and I'm gonna use my Snow Peak believe this is the 700 I forget.

Alright let me get this bad boy stared up.

I have some more in my back, I always reuse these guys.

It’s awesome, custom lid.

Now do you have my Hot Lips for the pot here in case I want to drink out of it and it's hot on a giant cup of coffee or something like that.

This is a great little coffee cup perfect size.

Just super light you know it's made out of a foster spot tinnie over a mini bull design makes these highly sought after angry troll pots so if you guys want to get in on that pretty awesome you got to take care of them and they are what they are so it's an ultra-light cook pot coffee pot whatever you want to use it for and we also have the q MH pot Missy has the q image that'll be in another video but this one is a nest right down nicely.

There we go.

So it's a it's raining outside I'm just going to stay in here and get this coffee going.

Water is about boiling doesn't take very long at all you know and as long as you have a backup there was a comment about accidentally running out or the canister leaking that's why I always have a backup.

So you can bet there's one hiding somewhere or there's an alcohol stove and a extra bottle of fuel like this and for at least one meal a couple of hot drinks.

That's why I always bring backup backups to the backups I always have five ways to start a fire looks like we're boiling are you guys interested in that you can see it.

Pretty awesome, awesome boil.

See what we can do

So I'm going to put a little bit of water in my coffee and a little bit more water to help stir it up.

There you go perfect way, way too hot coffee, steam my eyeball up it's it's pretty steamy there.

There thanks Tinny this is an awesome mug, Tinny at Mini Bull Design it's uh

Yeah you guys had John Austin is a current youtube the Mini Bull Design YouTube had some email issue or something so so he's got a new daily vlog it's uh John Austin I'll leave a link below but cheers Tinny, thanks for making this.

Its handmade, the lips machined this is yeah it's just an awesome awesome.

This is the angry troll mini bull design Kenny pot and it's just a foster spot out of fosters can, beer can cut down and yeah Tinnys’ a favorite of mine John Austin.

You guys check him out.

Yeah super happy this this always makes me happy super ultra light smart kit alright so speaking of remember those Survival Tabs - Emergency survival food 8 days

I've packed up so now I'm cold I'm hungry and I'm not starting dinner yet but I have my special dinner later on and I have my coffee & butterscotch Survival Tabs. - Survival Tabs 4 flavors:

Hmm they're really sweet like butterscotch tastes just like butterscotch.

I knew that would be perfect and tired and cold and um hmm hot coffee and butterscotch I'm not kidding !

Good this is this is pretty good stuff.

I'm completely blown away.

I think I'm gonna have to try to get my hands on some Survival Tabs - Survival Tabs 4 Bottes Mix:

chocolate see if that one's good.

I thought butterscotch would be good and yeah it's really good, cheers again

Guys all right we'll see you next time

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i want to see it go get go get out there and get out there and do something get outside and do something get get outside and do something this coffee's got me hyped up

We’ll get ready for dinner, steak ?

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