Best Emergency Food Ration? The Survival Tabs - Review

Hello, hello everyone this is Brian with Zimco Survival I'm back again today.

Today I'm doing a review on The Survival Tabs.

Now I've had these for quite some time and I've been you know eating them over the course of some time.

I haven't eaten you know done a true 15 day test because this is supposed to be 15 days worth of food.

Let me first go ahead and before I get into all that this may be a little bit longer video but you're gonna want to watch the whole thing because these are an interesting concept and I'm gonna go through a lot of information about them in this video.

So stay tuned make sure you don't leave too quickly.

Let me first go through and tell you guys what these are these are basically a calorie providing multivitamin if that makes sense.

Let me go ahead and show you what The Survival Tabs look like this is what one of The Survival Tabs looks like and basically each tablet provides you with 20 calories and 8% of the following nutrients per tablet.

So it's 8% vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, riboflavin and thiamine which is b1 and b2, niacin, vitamin E, b6, folic acid, b12, iodine, b5, zinc, vitamin D, phosphorus and manganese.

So the total sets 8 percent of each one of those per vitamin or per tablet the total daily consumption of tablets is 12.

So that gives you 240 calories and 100% of those vitamins.

So basically The Survival Tabs is designed to be a one-stop shop food source that's supposed to give you calories that's supposed to give you all the vitamins you need but here's the thing it's 240 calories now the company states that these have been tested and that you can survive just eating these to six months.

I'm not gonna try it because I don't trust it now I still think you should have them and I'll get into that in a little bit later into the video but suffice it to say I don't think these are a good survival food to only eat these.

I think that you should have other food sources or if you are good at collecting natural food sources carry these as a supplement to those for when you don't manage to get enough wild edibles.

Let me go ahead and kind of go into it with you guys for a little bit.

The Survival Tabs are gluten free and they are non-gmo for those of you who are looking for that.

They have a 25 year shelf life if unopened and if opened they have a 90-day shelf-life so these things are awesome as far as expiration dates go you can open this package and it will still be good 90 days later.

This particular bucket is a 15 day supply so essentially if you open the bucket you should have eaten this long before they would expire.

Let me give you an example here these were packaged in 2016.

So that you know I you know I have had these for quite some time.

They have been opened since then but I did taste them here recently and they taste just fine to me I'm not sure how their nutritional value goes but it didn't make me sick and they tasted just like they did when I first opened them

So I don't know and they've been open for two years so I don't know what the vitamin content will still be but I know I didn't get sick on them and I know that I did not they didn't have an off taste.

So there is that even after being open for two years.

Now I'm trying to find the expiration date they were packaged in 06 2016.

So almost exactly two years ago exactly two years ago this right here says the expiration date best if used by 09/2040.

Lets see if I can show it to you there so they do have a very, very long survival shelf-life.

They last for very long period of time a lot of people ask are they affected by temperature extremes.

Can you leave these in your car and still have them be good and according to The Survival Tabs you can.

Temperature and humidity do not seem to affect these so that's according to The Survival Tabs. That's what they stated that they have tested these during a temperature extremes and they state that the nutritional value does not change with changes in temperature.

So if you are looking at buying these for like a car kit or anything like that according to the manufacturer these will not expire or go bad due to temperature changes within a vehicle.

Hhmm the directions for use on these is to take one tablet every hour for up to 12 hours

It is safe to take more than the recommended serving size but please note the total days of rations will be reduced accordingly.

So in other words if you take 24 tablets instead of 12 during a day you're gonna have twice as you're gonna have half as many days on this bottle.

Simple common sense so instead of for 15 days you'll have seven and a half days worth of rations in here now.

I questioned the 240 calories because the way I see it 240 calories is not enough to survive on the bare absolute minimum that someone can survive on is 800 well as 600 is the bare minimum and that's if you're not really moving around a lot you're just kind of sitting in one place and you you just need enough calories to keep your body alive it's 600 so I don't know how they can say 240 will keep you alive for six months.

Now according to the manufacturer, according to The Survival Tabs. These tablets will do that because they state that the human body only absorbs about 30% of the kilocalories you eat so if you were to eat something and they would say a thousand calories worth of food your body will only absorb about 300 of it so they state that as a result this particular product because it's already broken down into its base components.

Your body absorbs 100% of this tablet not 30% so as a result they state this this 240 calories a day is the equivalent of eating 760 calories a day in regular food so in which case your body you are receiving enough to have the bare minimum number of calories now.

They say they've tested this, they say that you can survive for six months on it I'm not the guy who tested it so I don't know I just know based on what they're stating these things are capable of and if they're right and you do only absorb a portion of the calories you're eating then yes at 760 calories these would be enough to keep you alive or are actually 720 calories

These would be enough they are above that 600 calorie minimum if what they're saying is right and these are the equivalent of eating 240.

But they do have all the vitamins minerals in them which is one of the big things they do contain protein they do contain all the essential requirements.

So as a result theoretically speaking your body can survive on body fat along with the few calories you get from this and you're still receiving all the vitamins you need so you won't go into a vitamin deficiency while you're using them which is a big deal.

Vitamin deficiency is one of the big reasons people start calories are important but vitamins are just as important so the fact that The Survival Tabs has the key vitamins in it means that you can theoretically survive on these long term.

Where a normal C ration or emergency food ration you would not be able to because those rations do not contain much in the way of vitamins and nutrients.

They contain primarily calories, The Survival Tabs are designed to contain a large number of vitamins and minerals providing you with a hundred percent of all those essential vitamins minerals so you are not going to go into a nutrient deficit.

Instead you're getting the bare minimum number of calories you need but you're also getting all the vitamins minerals. So your mind should still theoretically be clear you shouldn't have that foggy headedness that you get with nutrient deficiencies.

So keep that in mind if what they're saying is true I can see how these work the way they say they work but I have not tested them personally.

I will try to test them myself here soon.

I have been buying a brand new bucket of The Survival Tabs and I will be trying them myself and testing them out and I will do a video blog if you will of those tests or of that test and let you guys know step by step by step how these are affecting me but right now I don't have time so I'm not going to be doing that but I will buy another bucket of The Survival Tabs and do a 15 day test for you.

Guys and see if I can actually make the whole 15 days I don't hold out much hope but we'll see because they do state you can survive on these exclusively for six months I don't know but basically as far as expiration goes they have an incredibly long expiration date even when opened it's 90 days.

These have been open for six for two years now and according to the bottom right there just proved it and because I open them as soon as I got him and basically and when I purchase them they were made the month I bought them so you know they weren't six months old at the point I bought them they were.

I bought them in June and opened them in June and according to this they were made in June so after two years they have not made you know myself and my brother tried them they haven't made a sick they taste the same as they normally did.

They smell the same as they normally did so I would say these are still good I don't know how the nutrient levels are I don't know if the vitamins & minerals have decayed over those two years so I can't tell you whether or not you will still get the full vitamins and minerals but at least you won't get sick if you do end up eating them after they've been open that long.

But there you have it I want you guys to leave a comment and let me know what you think my opinion as of right now until I actually sit down into the 15 day test with The Survival Tabs.

My opinion The Survival Tabs are a good supplemental item if you know how to find wild edibles these are good I need to bring instead of other emergency rations especially in something like a bug out bag because they are light they are condensed and they will give you all the vitamins and minerals and stuff you need for an extended period of time but I think you need to supplement the caloric intake you need to find other calories.

So if this is all you're gonna eat or bring with you then you need to make sure that you have the ability to find wild foods to supplement the calories that this is not giving you but there it is it is a an interesting survival food option and like I said I will try to do a test so keep an eye out for that video.

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